A Guide for Gifts

We interrupt our usually scheduled navel-gazing programming to bring you a gift guide. Who among us can’t use some ideas for what to get our loved ones, our clients, our friends and our family? And of course, in this plague year, let us focus on the small, the nimble, the focused. Let Amazon continue to be useful but let us support the kind of retail ideas that make the world a more interesting place. Let us go big by buying small.

For Your Animal Loving Friend (Or Your Fuzzy Best Friend)

We all have one of these in our lives; indeed, perhaps it’s you, yourself! She loves her dog as much, if not more, than her family. She devotes her spare time and her spare dollars to rescuing the saddest dogs in the world. She can’t so much as visit a zoo without weeping for the creatures that reside therein. Or maybe she just must love dogs. Sound familiar? Even in part? May I introduce you to Woffle? Woffle, started by a brilliant dog lover of my acquaintance, is one of those excellently handy companies that lets you feel good about your purchase while crossing something off your list, and doing it in style. In this case, it’s dog beds. For each attractive dog bed you purchase, Woffle donates a dog bed to shelter dog. In one fell swoop, you are providing a comfy dog bed for your pup (or your friend’s pup), making a shelter dog’s life better, and supporting a female founded small business! (PS. The 100% cotton cover and the liner are both washable! A thoughtful necessity, no?) Order now! Click here!

For Your Friend with Kelly Wearstler Aspirations

You know who I mean. You go to her house, and the toys are pleasantly jumbled in pretty woven baskets, not strewn about on the floor or stacked willy nilly in plastic. There are ceramic candlesticks on her table in interesting but not ugly shapes. She actually finds things at HomeGoods, a store so repellent to you, that you immediately exit upon entering Her home is warm, stylish, comfortable. It feels like the Air BnB of your dreams, and she gets to live there. How does her couch stay so white? What is there for her, this dark year? God knows, she doesn’t need another Diptyque Candle. (You know this, because this is what you always get her. Always a good choice, by the by!) And then you stumble on CÔTE À COAST. Yes, they have simple, elegant, casual menswear. But more, they have easy-to-love homeware. You’ll sift through the site in a cloud of longing and desire. Here a gorge vase, there a gorge mug, and lots and lots and lots of gorge home fragrances.  The best part? All the lovelies have a wide array of price points. You can certainly find something here for anyone and everyone. For me? Alpaca throw please. For this friend here, a Soothing Care Package is just the ticket (the pretty small basket is included!) Click here!

For Your Fun Friend Who Takes Beauty Seriously

Our faces are what the world sees first. The things we add or subtract to them are a statement unto themselves, and are a window into who we are. It’s all a choice. Some of us whisper; a hint of blush, some light foundation. Some of us speak more loudly with a strong red lip or a dark cat eye. Well, Formula Z is the equivalent of an announcement that says, “I’m bold, I’m here, and I am unafraid.” And it’s so funnnnnn. Which is the point no? Started by make-up artist Zach Dishinger, who is now all of 20, it is a line focused on inclusion. It is makeup for all of us who can not be easily defined (so all of us, right?) The colors are sparkly, rich, and sexy- think M.A.C pre-Lauder- and the formulates are as nice as they come. I think the Mega Beauty Kit is the way to go. It has seven of Zach’s proprietary lip formulas for the very good price of $64 dollars. Though your heart may bend towards the Mission Z color of his semi-matte 4Ever Lips, 30% of the proceeds of which go to The Trevor Project. Click here!

For Your Friend Who Dreams Of Days Long Past

You know, the simple things. The well made things. The hand crafted and meticulously wrought things. The Plain Goods Things. Do you have a friend who would cherish a pair of Ash Wood handled secateurs? Indeed, do you have a friend you suspect knows what secateurs are? Does this friend only wear organic cotton made from homespun thread? Would this friend also like a Harris Tweed baseball cap? (Ok, it’s me.) Look no further than Plain Goods, an emporium in Connecticut that understands the importance of the well made and simple. I don’t use the phrase “curate” lightly; but that is what they do.This is where you go to get a beautiful white enamel, horsehair and wood dustpan set for your child, that you will use too. Can a dust pan set make you happy? Perhaps so, a special, small, interior happiness that you are cleaning up with something so pretty and pristine. And that is the most personal kind of happiness there is. Click here!

For Your Friend That Moved Out of The City

She just didn’t realize how many bare walls she’d have. Decorating a house bought on the spur of the moment in the heat of a panic is no small thing. Give her hand and a smile. Artist Pat Dunigan’s paintings and paper collages are decorate, cheerful, and pleasing to the eye. They brighten up any room. My favorites are the flowers, but then again, I love flowers! The surf boards would be perfect in the open living room of a beach inspired house or even in the kids room. It’s not easy to buy art for someone else, but Pat’s work is sure to spark joy. For information click here!

These five business have two things in common; they are owned by my friends and each has a sincere desire to please and inspire by sharing the things they love. A point of view, if you will. Happy Holidays to all of you. My point of view is that I love you all. Here’s to a better 2021.